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>> thank you for joining us. coming up this evening. the government imposes a new super tax. is this the end of the sport here in france? let's get all the latest international news. >> these are the headlines. phase one complete. syria's stocks of chemical weapons have been placed under seal. lawmakers in turkey wore their headscarf in parliament for the first time in 14 years. france's president tells football bosses he will not drop his super tax. syria can no longer produce new chemical weapons. that is what the watchdog announced this thursday. the day before the deadline set. a detailed plan to destroy the chemical weapons stock pile. >> one day before deadline, according to the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons, the regime has destroyed the facilities used to produce chemical agents. >> we have observed all the destruction activity. they are not in a position to conduct any further production, mixing of chemical weapons. >> syria agreed to destroy all of its chemical weapons after washington threatened to use force. that was in response to the killi
see what comes to mind when we talk about tax evasion. but what about when scott stand and that the seats so that it's a trade. slovakia has calculated that it loses out millions of years every year due to such practices. but now the government has come up with a creative idea to take stock. slovakia already surprise its european neighbors when it introduced a flat tax rate of nineteen percent in two thousand for it was a move that proved popular with the business community but it's already been scrapped. now the finance minister has come up with a new idea. to encourage the nation's people to help keep tabs on who is and isn't paying tax. it's worthwhile for everyone to get a receipt in to check out and make sure it's legitimate gullible in the eyes of the silicon below the idea is very simple one with me. a lot of businesses didn't have cash registers before just handed out any old receipts of them on the twenty oh seven and about the status under way to make us look at what we get one of the ox the conditional on him. it works like this by registering their cash regi
their privacy to receive use for company taxes these fraudulent received are from real formal company it's not just avoid agents working on the legal team some formal company still be empty and void due to the agent at prices higher than the national income tax rate. by doing that they can go pay their taxes and make a profit. i don't have any actual trade on the invoice it took almost a traceable don't go away because will continue with the fake invoices. they can. welcome back to china for trucks in today's money matters were talking to the spending power of thinking what. market insiders revealed another way to get the real important i've registered shell companies in the end of two and commercial beer. we become the certificate. these companies can easily make words and empty important approval from the taxation office. the baby cot to writing up the keyboard are pretty low. several printers and shell companies deal can be enough. according to market insiders many voip companies can make millions of dollars annually the official data from the china national practitioner can also show
and eight percent tax adjusted between mexico's congress in order to curb rising obesity mexico has now hired the city rates than the us is one of the world's biggest consumers of soda. mexican president is using the latest tax on sugary drinks and junk stage to install a change of culture and encourage mexicans to exercise at least one hour and a tomato in nationwide obesity. you know what either the city deficit got out of sugary drinks will be taxed at the mai initiative with a congressman or a new facts to light the senate's is the norm basic stitch with my calories will save the tax base. this is the place that taxes will people be to reduce the consumption in a healthy sport not associated with the increase of obesity among mexican silver pistol. he over to god. he kept bitching and staffing retailers expected to pass on the tax to consumers. the move has caused shares of the mexico based coca cola and zach oaks largest bottle or latin america to fall which could potentially result in a reduced workforce of three to four percent. according to analysts the most soft drink and food
of journalists reactive turkish lawmakers breaking the headscarf taboo in parliament. andy taxing times faced by french footballer whose bosses are threatening to strike over seventy five percent tax on wealth above one million euro loss of getting out of the leaders from james credence in our media watch second study art in the newsroom it's a low once again to not be a chart clarion calls levies on headlines they sound intelligence officials say they needed the pakistani taliban has been killed in a suspected us drones truck humans are causing to put a dent in the pas. this time in sentences that to be planning his funeral. the resistance from the syrian opposition peace envoy. he was against new delays in peace talks sharon's departure is the main obstacle to getting all psyched to the negotiation table. in reality he is in washington president obama for assistance be back later and said to finance a country suspected cause of the growing unrest that the war. yes this developing story coming out of the us the suspect is said to be in custody until sunday's international apple. today is fri
. they were protesting against two property tax and austerity measures. the number of americans applying for on them limit benefits felled by -- fell by 10,000 last week. wearing internet connected glasses while driving can land you in trouble. a california woman was recently pulled over and ticketed for wearing a pair of google glasses. >> are series, oil stands -- are series, oil stands at a crossroads continues. suncor energy, canada's largest energy, has plans to build a mine after years of delay. this is the biggest investment to date. that is expected to produce 80,000 barrels of oil a day. analysts estimate it is worth $3 billion. as others are expanding, canadian oil is struggling. the lobbying effort to get the keystone pipeline approved continues. political support is growing. the house passed a bill this summer to approve the pipeline without the president's support. >> i am lee terry from the state of nebraska. >> the self-proclaimed leader of efforts in the house to get the keystone pipeline built. >> the pipeline is a no-brainer. it has passed muster through several environ
examination of indian witnesses by a puff piece on the judicial commission in connection with the tax base northeast of fort scott bought. on the proceedings were postponed. and in the robotics sources said the reckless was sent to the pockets on high commission in new delhi last week itself. as you add a bit and had plenty of off the dust in the mumbai attack was undertaken in parkson because the new c5 that attack was in talks time the finding photos of people you want it to bed attack was wasn't dark sky and the training was undertaken in pakistan. it therefore follows that ninety nine percent of the evidence in this case exists in pakistan the commission that cross examine witnesses in the lake including the back just to old record of concepts confessional statement the chief investigating officer and two doctors who conducted the autopsy all the terrorists who carried out the mumbai attacks in november two thousand and eight. this is the nation's second visit to india newport summit in london on the often its first visit in march two thousand but was rejected by an anti terrorism cour
financial transaction tax code three in eleven countries want to sign up the social costs despite all the tools of the retrieve the debates i want to see it again the tax introduced at the european level is one reason is we see it as a symbol of spatial adjusted zero z guards aboard a domestic type on it. sides also agreed to take steps to silence the euro skeptics by seeking to return more responsibility from brussels to the eu member states. he said yes to agree on how to deal with troubled thank you sweet seen some eight of its annual chocolate rate to put on a fashion show in paris this week. the couple creations role made it the world's favorite sweet treats. a number of celebrities joined in the final wimbledon tennis champ money and bought sony models this fetching dress and top it off it's a real fashion fixed. the norwegian town of three you can found an unusual way to beat the wind to police this week three joanne harris were installed to direct the sun's rays into the body the panels and even ate the town's class. the area the size of three tennis courts. i think i'm testin
though part was when these two victims were appealing to the article the twenty fourth of four tax year the us drone strike left his pakistani family devastated the nine year old girl and her thirteen year old brother nearly escaped death that day their sixty seven years old when the phils let's kill all the vegetables in the garden no longer love blue skies are grey ski grey in for a short period of time the mental tension and see it eases when the sky brightness that draws to an unsold us that the msm arias and moving abroad out of their home in north and sirius died and the father of his family said he looked at the life around here in bc he wished his children to be able to walk the streets not afraid of being bombed at the moment. my mother was killed. my children. i'm so glad that people are going to hear a story that's when we came to america. knowing the light of the link to my house the family came to washington airport hoping to get answers for why they have to live in fear everyday. no idea when i'm on the field when trent and i was outside with my grandma then everything bec
percent consumption tax is four times higher than in japan. the guiding others the total tax on clothes and reached a forty percent. my one hundred un clothing imported un is paid to the chinese government. due to high tax burden would definitely drive the closing price. overwhelmed with what you are still being felt people in the rapidly increasing closing price of one chinese people wanting to show up one row quilt clothing prices ninety nine un one really good purchase but the price tag team to nine hundred ninety nine un and fifty percent off into the fold after five to consider taking advantage of that. some chinese people always prefer buying the product. finally we believe these are concluded what a miraculous country cuba learning your calories they're buying products that are much more expensive than in the us. china clothing industry. we don't protect we're forced into products that have been changes the fashion industry and our famous chinese designer but not until can come to think is right for the designer start targeting chinese customers on a large scale moving on now to
taxes. the men and women fi
up on it. the french government's proposed income tax has become something of a ticking time bomb with thousands hitting the streets calling for an immediate scrapping . in the french region of the tiny violence erupted between protesters and security forces over the new meds or tear gas and water cannons were used to break up the crowds to fight back with rocks and bottles eco tax impose levies and trucks weighing more than three and half time but has been suspended amid mounting anger it would only drive companies out of business man suspected of carrying out a gun attack a los angeles international airport has been charged with murder prosecutors say the death penalty could be sought for paul fiancee at the start of terminal on friday killing a security guard and wounding several others. meanwhile the hero in the operating normally now. the chaos. for some more than ten thousand flights delayed or canceled northern yemen four days of conflict between rival muslim clans have killed fifty five people. that's according to spokesman. one of the group's earlier in the week shiite re
rolled into one big balcony up on it. the french government's proposed eco taxes to move to the of thousands hit the streets calling for to be scrapped immediately french region of brittany cathedral by protests which turned violent the shift to a decimal to cannons to disperse angry crowds her mineral simple customs forms. you can tax increases libby's own cox way more comfortable towns has been suspended amid concerns that it could drive companies one people being killed by a string of insurgent attacks targeting security forces across iraq in the central city of baku but three police officers died in schools were injured. up to three suicide bombers blew themselves up one off to another. decisions on and save a recent months has claimed thousands of victims. the authorities struggling to contain the bunch and despite wide ranging operations and tight and secure. six people including one child going off the ferry capsized off the coast of thailand near the popular resort to tell a pretty people remain unaccounted for. because of the two hundred according to the maximu
duck is a tax hike you seem to be helpful to read in context. there can be scrapped saying that due to steep the book and its issue price of the contract. i bought taiwan. and yet not all know kate soybean corn because if you cut the cost to nineteen cricket team in the price and then hoping you have no money down by the middle and end up cleaning up. and all of seoul he put a price can argue that the cost. oh and and knowing he did not have seen the number he sends me this fall. people can cool concept is kennedy and andrew in cream and a lot to move on to buy been going crazy. that recall the prize is a high usage here. i know christ and for the cost. the pile on the situation. not that we all got from head to holland to get goals ahead. the ecb are now up to it and yet i'm too young not yet done the duck on the potty to get the seat that you made me scared the what i call should be yes. two hundred c heat the milk i went on a hill and the cia and others. while tourists to the media is going to he could stall the economy oh cool. cool trust me you can see a price adjustment. have
and really is, discount or premium tax credits. like it or not, the method hasas changed in the white house says that it is for the better. on capitol hill today, the mother of trayvon martin called on lawmakers to work with state and local officials to reevaluate the purpose of the controversial stand your ground law. stand your ground is the piece of legislation that took front and center -- when george zimmerman was put on trial for the death of trayvon martin. a committee hearing took a look at the way the law is practiced in 30 different states. the panel also heard from lucio mcbeth, the mother of another slain african-american teenager named jordan davis. the man who killed davis is currently trend use the stand your ground law in his defense. rt spoke with the davis family attorney john phillips and he talked in depth about how this law is being used and abused. >> stand your ground since 2005, when it was implemented, has taken the role of the jury to judge the facts and look at both sides and look at evidence and try to figure it out and saying we don't need to do that. let's just
. but republicans and democrats are still wide amart on taxing the wealthy, cutting spending and other issues. some fear another government shutdown, if lawmakers do not find common ground. officials at the u.s. federal reserve say they'll continue the massive bomb buying program. the official also study whether the recent u.s. government shutdown had any affects on the economy or job market. >>> chinese authorities believe the ethnic uighurs were behind the bombing in tienemen square. >>> china's central television said authorities detained five suspects on suspicion of colluding with the dead suspects. cctv said all five were captured within ten hours of the incident. judging from their names, all five detainees are believed to be wiegers. they announced quick police response. the media called the crash an act of well organized terrorism. they said a flag with a word implying islamic holy war was found. they stopped short of saying who carried out the incident but left the impression it was wieger islamic extremists. >>> chie 23450ez prosecutors told police they are officialry arrest a squaurn na
tax hikes scheduled for april will not deal a serious blow to the economy. >>> japanese companies are reporting strong earnings for the april to september period as a weaker yen is boosting their profitability. the earnings season has peaked, nearly 20% of those listed on the main board of the tokyo stock exchange reported on thursday. a survey shows the total ordinary profit of the companies that reported earnings by wednesday rose 45% in yen terms compared to a year ago. 29% of those companies have revised upward their full-year profit projections through march 2014. struggling electric appliance companies are also making a sharp comeback. panasonic reported a net profit of $1.7 billion for the april-to-september period. that's a record high for mid-year earnings. the company sustained a loss of nearly $7 billion in the same period last year. meanwhile, sharp's operating profit rose to nearly $350 million, that is a huge improvement from a loss of $1.7 million posted a year ago. and sony saw a jump in operating profit by 40%. helped on by strong sales of smartphones and the yen'
. it has been in prison. sunny anti terrorism court conducting the malayan tax stride. he showed some monster for witnesses and coating the center of a bowl that was used by attendance could attack by terrorists to reach india. even as it boasts pulled the hitting of the case but two weeks hassan says the great vaults of the cross examination of indian witnesses by a puff piece on the judicial commission in connection with the attacks case i don't freeze or stop by. on the proceedings were postponed. and in the robotics sources said the reckless was sent to the pockets on high commission in new delhi last week itself. as you add a bit and kept banging off the dust in the mumbai attack was undertaken in parkson because the new c5 that attack was in talks time. the finding photos of people you want it to bed attack was wasn't dark sky and the training was undertaken in pakistan. it therefore follows that ninety nine percent of the evidence in this case exists in pakistan. the commission the cross examine witnesses in the lake in shooting the back just to old record of concepts confessi
of the remedies that are being proposed to the european level to very hot topics lately. possible tax on an alliance and the other tax on cars for carnations. if we can start with the with the airline issue of course the commission had to backtrack on a previous proposal about this because it was say resisted by commercial airline interest is that the present still have a future. yes it has sped what we achieved. but 'd like to call back tracking. that was that one months ago. in montreal. we had the whole world not for the first time ever two great now we need a local market based mechanism for and the nation and the nation so for the fast time the welcome aviation industries and conscience acceptance that a geisha also has to be part of the solution as the small things that aren't quite the same. and while we awaiting follow the teachings of that to be settled and the purchase of stock to wait from twenty twenty. then in europe we will still say because when i take and and and and the plane. why should i do not pay for my promotion when you can't change because of some icing was kis
tax the government already has a pretty good it has already finished the whole of the project. and the content or read the book just looking fall. a suitable prize pack to win the mac and i think and that i'd be the god of the week to week in the right time. over time to do that and the tv how najib among poultry in her contest. and what this is so forceful and pour in the south of the people to be convinced that the data provided by the government a role in the team sees a transparent right and no trespassing. and this seems to be a prominent how one today because a lot of people to not really the old belief in some of the numbers that government supplies whitey think that's the case now. ok the media for all of the boys don't seem to fly the kite cardinals. ok frank on the little one to raise the price of a great friend the cost. tony and i can he wants his parents took all our people have to be opened by. and that's just skeptical of and not just skeptical you all the new online to see the detour we call it. why does the college adults find one instance no doctor down the n
alone there were more than eight thousand five hundred years the tax withholding why he killed more than fifteen thousand five hundred people across africa asia and the least. he walked face his incredible surge of violence this year they recorded six thousand civilian deaths here's how tears i want to take a new mop following the us invasion in two thousand and three. the iraqi prime minister is here in washington. he just said his nation is facing a cold war of genocide and that the revolutions in the region have made it works. the line how about you was created not tied in other organizations were able to expel ethan gain ground. will they benefit from the form of state structures. parents now flock to see maria for a safe haven. and for this area is from a deal between the opposition and the couple made the closer it is to becoming a failed state where all qaeda and groups similar to al qaeda ruled the day. so as all these countries iraq syria and media face of growing terror washington says they decimated al qaeda's leadership and al qaeda is not as dangerous as before. as result of
. in december of last year police raided the company's headquarters in straight sets into allegations of tax evasion and money laundering management has since launched an internal investigation to prevent similar embarrassments from so that dancing its reputation. how was it even possible to rig the foreign exchange markets. currencies with the volume of more than three thousand seven hundred billion euro is traded on the markets every day. rates for the twenty one days traded currencies are adjusted every thirty minutes the lake often means fixing is used as a benchmark to manage that pulls the idea of foreign currencies regulators from europe the us and asia. i'm now looking into allegations that buying school to insider trading information to manipulate currency rates deutsche bank and other financial giants including royal bank of scotland ups and city creek have said they'll cooperate with all authorities. some banks have reportedly even started laying off employees they suspect that opinion polls in the scandal. well to find out what all the stories were moving the markets here's a coo
it to the tax would cost the lives of civilians to bombing attempts of the bridge sale of one of the us was a suicide bombing the first infusion as seen in over ten years ago and so on the beach and suits us something we already know that not a civilian lives. it dealt another blow to change its image as a true destination so they waited for news that the economy. so the new prime minister will try to better then that the local islamist government in during one such instance sandy said the injection sites rest and i just come back from a full month break and his staff has already been suspended. the cbc channel that as this program has decided to pull the plug on to yousef make fun of them in a tree and the entry and governments on to the study several legal complaints have been filed against the comedienne them at lax as it rejects the insults he makes towards egyptian and politicians. it was he sets a fast exit since the ouster of the islamic present mohamad more see his depart engine i sparked a wave of deadly protests. grayson nineties adding support to the independence of the new p
are supposed to be taxed at the misanthropic but the thing i'm most happy thing is he was a visit to the president's this was a fake trial. this is a political trial and that we could just as he needed to prevail in this whole case the defendants at the stables he keeps insisting that the specific topics is the reason that he states he will be gifting and self acting sick bit better than some twenty five affiliates that are disappointing for the defense but any tenant in the backseat been given access to the clients. of course most he is standing accused of being signed team met at an on site fourteen and that was the brother with support as this is my view being seen as a political trial. of cause tension snapped up by the high will keep you updated. in fall or responds on twitter for all the latest updates from the egyptian capital kampala singers got all the details from that court hearing the end. move on the egyptian another twenty eleven egyptian revolution saw longtime army backed leader hosni mubarak stand downs talabani year of political turmoil in june twenty twelve behi
Search Results 0 to 26 of about 27 (some duplicates have been removed)